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This collection of classes is used to represent the different types in an XML schema.

There are many different classes in this class hierarchy. We represent both data types (e.g. complexType elements in a schema) and element definitions which do not correspond to actual types, but the markup useed to represent data in XML. We also represent XML attribute definitions. In addition to these types of data type descriptions, we also have support for data types that are "built-in" or defined in the XML schema definition as being primitive types, e.g. boolean, string, integer, date, time, etc.

The GenericSchemaType class is the root class in this hierarchy.

Note that the names will change to refer to schema types rather than SOAP types. The SOAP reference is related to the fact that the code was originally in the SSOAP package.

Objects from the Class

One can use these classes directly to represent your own types and construct them directly within R. However, for the most part, instances of these classes will be created by processing an XML schema via readSchema and/or processSchemaTypes.



Object of class "function" ~~


Object of class "function" ~~


Object of class "character" ~~


Object of class "character" ~~


Object of class "character" ~~


Object of class "numeric" ~~


Class "SchemaType", directly. Class "SchemaTypeOrList", by class "SchemaType", distance 2. Class "SchemaTypeOrNULL", by class "SchemaType", distance 2.


No methods defined with class "BasicSchemaType" in the signature.


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See Also

readSchema processSchemaTypes.

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