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This is a simple virtual class that is used as a base class of R class definitions corresponding to data types defined in XML schema. The idea is that we can then define general methods, e.g. documentation, for these classes and instances with a single method that dispatches on this class. Essentially this class is a label with no fields.

When one creates the classes, a different base class can be specified. It can extend this or replace it. For example, one might want to use a class name that identifies the context of the schema, e.g. KEGG or NOAA. One might then define a class with setClass("NOAASchemaClass", contains = "VirtualXMLSchemaClass") to inherit any general methods for VirtualXMLSchemaClass but to provide the opportunity of identifying the source/context of the new classes.

Objects from the Class

A virtual Class: No objects may be created from it.


No methods defined with class "VirtualXMLSchemaClass" in the signature.


Duncan Temple Lang

See Also

processWSDL The internal functions defineClasses and defClass and createArrayClass.



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