Man pages for sergeitarasov/ontoFAST
Interactive, semi-automatic annotation of character matrices with biological ontologies.

annot_all_charsAnnotate all character statements with ontology terms
annot_char_grepAnnotate a character statement with ontology terms
chars_per_termGet number of chracters per each ontology term
edges2listConvert edge matrix to list
exclude_termsOntology terms to exclude for sunburst plot
export_annotationsExport annotation data
export_cytoscapeExport to Cytoscape format
get_ancestors_charsGet ancestal ontology terms for a set of characters
get_descendants_charsGet characters that descendants of selected ontology term
get_onto_idGet IDs for ontology names
get_onto_nameGet names for ontology IDs
HAOHymenoptera Anatomy Ontology (HAO)
list2edgesConvert list to edge matrix
make_shiny_inMake ontology object for vizualization
onto_processShortcut to process characters and ontology
paths_sunburstReturn ontology paths for characters
runOntoFastRun ontoFAST interactively
Sharkey_2011Hymenoptera character statements
Sharkey_2011_annotCharacters annotated with ontology terms
syn_extractLink synonyms with ontology terms
table2listConvert table to list
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