Man pages for shenlab-sinai/geneoverlap-old
Test and visualize gene overlaps

drawHeatmapVisualize GeneOverlapMatrix objects as heatmaps
GeneOverlapTest overlap between two gene lists using Fisher's exact...
GeneOverlapMatrixMatrix representation of the pairwise overlaps between two...
GeneOverlap-packageTest and visualize overlaps between gene lists
getGenomeSizeAccessors for the "genome.size" slot of the GeneOverlap class
getListAccessors for the "listA" and "listB" slots of GeneOverlap...
getReadonlyRead-only accessors for the "intersection", "union",...
getReadonlyMatrixRead-only accessors for the various slots of the...
gs.RNASeqGenome size based on RNA-seq data
hESC.ChIPSeq.listChIP-seq gene lists
hESC.RNASeq.listRNA-seq gene lists
newGeneOverlapConstructor for the GeneOverlap class
newGOMConstructor for the GeneOverlapMatrix class
testGeneOverlapTest function for the GeneOverlap class
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