estimatePrecursorIntensity: Estimate precursor intensity for MS level 2 spectra

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Estimate precursor intensity for MS level 2 spectra


estimatePrecursorIntensity determines the precursor intensity for a MS 2 spectrum based on the intensity of the respective signal from the neighboring MS 1 spectra (i.e. based on the peak with the m/z matching the precursor m/z of the MS 2 spectrum). Based on parameter method either the intensity of the peak from the previous MS 1 scan is used (method = "previous") or an interpolation between the intensity from the previous and subsequent MS1 scan is used (method = "interpolation", which considers also the retention times of the two MS1 scans and the retention time of the MS2 spectrum).


  ppm = 10,
  method = c("previous", "interpolation"),
  BPPARAM = bpparam()



OnDiskMSnExp or XCMSnExp object.


numeric(1) defining the maximal acceptable difference (in ppm) of the precursor m/z and the m/z of the corresponding peak in the MS 1 scan.


character(1) defining the method how the precursor intensity should be determined (see description above for details). Defaults to method = "previous".


parallel processing setup. See bpparam() for details.


numeric with length equal to the number of spectra in x. NA is returned for MS 1 spectra or if no matching peak in a MS 1 scan can be found for an MS 2 spectrum


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