fillPeaks-methods: Integrate areas of missing peaks

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Integrate areas of missing peaks


For each sample, identify peak groups where that sample is not represented. For each of those peak groups, integrate the signal in the region of that peak group and create a new peak.



the xcmsSet object


the filling method


After peak grouping, there will always be peak groups that do not include peaks from every sample. This method produces intensity values for those missing samples by integrating raw data in peak group region. According to the type of raw-data there are 2 different methods available. for filling gcms/lcms data the method "chrom" integrates raw-data in the chromatographic domain, whereas "MSW" is used for peaklists without retention-time information like those from direct-infusion spectra.


A xcmsSet objects with filled in peak groups.


object = "xcmsSet"

fillPeaks(object, method="")

See Also

xcmsSet-class, getPeaks

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