FirstYearGPA: First Year GPA for College Students

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Predicting first-year college GPA


A data frame with 219 observations on the following 10 variables.

GPA First-year college GPA on a 0.0 to 4.0 scale
HSGPA High school GPA on a 0.0 to 4.0 scale
SATV Verbal/critical reading SAT score
SATM Math SAT score
Male 1= male, 0= female
HU Number of credit hours earned in humanities courses in high school
SS Number of credit hours earned in social science courses in high school
FirstGen 1= student is the first in her or his family to attend college, 0=otherwise
White 1= white students, 0= others
CollegeBound 1=attended a high school where >=50% students intended to go on to college, 0=otherwise


The data in FirstYearGPA contains information from a sample of 219 first year students at a midwestern college that might be used to build a model to predict their first year GPA.


A sample from a larger set of data collected in 1996 by a professor at this college.

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