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AccordPricePrices of Used Honda Accords (in 2017)
AHCAvote2017Congressional Votes on American Health Care Act (in 2017)
AirlinesOntime Records for Two Airlines at Two Airports
AlfalfaAlfalfa Growth
AlitoConfirmationUS Senate Votes on Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court
AmyloidAmyloid-beta and Cognitive Impairment
AppleStockDaily Price and Volume of Apple Stock
ArcheryDataScores in an Archery Class
AthleteGradAthletic Participation, Race, and Graduation
AudioVisualReaction Times to Audio and Visual Stimuli
AutoPollutionNoise Levels of Filters to Reduce Automobile Pollution
BackpackWeights of College Student Backpacks
BaseballTimesBaseball Game Times of One Day in 2008
BaseballTimes2017Baseball Game Times of One Day in 2017
BeeStingsDo Bee Stings Depend on Previous Stings?
BirdCalciumEffect of a Hormone on Bird Calcium Levels
BirdNestNest Characteristics for Different Bird Species
Blood1Blood Pressure, Weight, and Smoking Status
BlueJaysBlue Jay Measurements
BrainpHBrain pH Measurements
BreesPassDrew Brees Passing Statistics (2016)
BritishUnionsAttitudes Towards British Trade Unions
ButterfliesBcButterfly (Boloria chariclea) Measurements
CAFEUS Senate Votes on Corporate Average Fuel Economy Bill
CalciumBPDo Calcium Supplements Lower Blood Pressure?
CanadianDrugsCanadian Drugs Senate Vote
CancerSurvivalSurvival Times for Different Cancers
CaterpillarsMeasurements of Manduca Sexta Caterpillars
CavsShootingCleveland Cavalier's Shooting (2016-2017)
CerealNutrition Content of Breakfast Cereals
ChemoTHCTHC for Antinausea Treatment in Chemotherapy
ChildSpeaksAge at First Speaking
ClintonSandersClinton/Sanders Primary Results (2016)
ClothingSales for a Clothing Retailer
CloudSeedingCloud Seeding Experiment (Winter Only)
CloudSeeding2Cloud Seeding Experiment (Four Seasons)
CO2Daily CO2 Measurements in Germany
CO2GermanyDaily CO2 Measurements in Germany
CO2HawaiiCO2 Readings in Hawaii
CO2SouthPoleCO2 Readings at the South Pole
ContraceptivesDrug Interaction with Contraceptives
cooksplotPlot of standardized residuals vs. leverage with boundaries...
CountyHealthCounty Health Resources
CrabShipCrab Oxygen Intake
CrackerFiberEffects of Cracker Fiber on Digested Calories
CreditRiskOverdrawn Checking Account?
CuckooMeasurements of Cuckoo Eggs
Day1SurveyFirst Day Survey of Statistics Students
DiabeticDogsLactic Acid Turnover in Dogs
DiamondsCharacteristics of a Sample of Diamonds
Diamonds2Characteristics of a Subset of the Diamond Sample
DinosaursIridium Levels in Rock Layers to Investigate Dinosaur...
Election082008 U.S. Presidential Election
Election162016 U.S. Presidential Election
ElephantsFBMeasurements of Male African Elephants
ElephantsMFMeasurements of African Elephants
emplogitplot1Empirical logit plot for one quantitative variable
emplogitplot2Empirical logit plot for one quantitative variable by...
EthanolEffects of Oxygen on Sugar Metabolism
EyesPupil Dilation and Sexual Orientation
FacesFacial Attractiveness of Men
FaithfulFacesFaithfulness from a Photo?
FantasyBaseballSelection Times in a Fantasy Baseball Draft
FatRatsDiet and Weight of Rats
FertilityFertility Data for Women Having Trouble Getting Pregnant
FGByDistanceResults of NFL Field Goal Attempts
FilmFilm Data from Leonard Maltin's Guide
FinalFourIzzoNCAA Final Four by Seed and Tom Izzo (through 2010)
FinalFourIzzo17NCAA Final Four by Seed and Tom Izzo (through 2017)
FinalFourLongNCAA Final Four by Seed (Long Version through 2010)
FinalFourLong17NCAA Final Four by Seed (Long Version through 2017)
FinalFourShortCAA Final Four by Seed (Short Version through 2010)
FinalFourShort17NCAA Final Four by Seed (Short Version through 2017)
FingersFinger Tap Rates
FirstYearGPAFirst Year GPA for College Students
FishEggsFertility of Fish Eggs
FitchBody Measurements of Mammal Species
FlightResponseResponse of Migratory Geese to Helicopter Overflights
FloridaDPFlorida Death Penalty Cases
FluorescenceMeasuring Calcium Binding to Proteins
FranticFingersFinger Tap Rates
FruitFliesFruit Fly Sexual Activity and Longevity
FruitFlies2Fruit Fly Sexual Activity and Male Competition
FunnelDropFunnel Drop Times
GlowWormsFemale Glow-worms
GoldenrodGoldenrod Galls
GrinnellHousesHouse Sales in Grinnell, Iowa
GroceryGrocery Sales and Discounts
GunnelsAre Gunnels Present at Shoreline?
HandwritingGuess Author's Sex from Handwriting?
HawksMeasurements on Three Hawk Species
HawkTailTail Lengths of Hawks
HawkTail2Tail Lengths of Hawks (Unstacked)
HearingTestCorrectly Identified Words in a Hearing Test
HeatingOilHeating Oil Consumption
HighPeaksCharacteristics of Adirondack Hiking Trails
HoopsGrinnell College Basketball Games
HorsePricesPrices of Horses
HousesHouse Prices, Sizes, and Lot Areas
HousesNYHouse Prices in Rural NY
ICUIntensive Care Unit Patients
InfantMortality2010Infant Mortality Rates
InflationMonthly Consumer Price Index (2009-2016)
InsuranceVoteCongressional Votes on a Health Insurance Bill
IQGuessingGuess IQ from a Photo?
JurorsReporting Rates for Jurors
KershawKershaw Pitch Data
KeyWestWaterKey West Water Temperatures
Kids198Body Measurements of Children
LeafhoppersLeafhopper Diet and Longevity
LeafWidthLeaf Measurements
LeukemiaResponses to Treatment for Leukemia
LeveeFailuresLevee Failures along the Mississippi River
LewyBody2GroupsLewy Bodies and Dimentia
LewyDLBadLewy Bodies and Dimentia with Alzheimer's
LongJumpOlympicsOlympic Men's Long Jump Gold Medal Distance (1900 - 2008)
LongJumpOlympics2016Olympic Men's Long Jump Gold Medal Distance (1900 - 2016)
LosingSleepSleep Hours for Teenagers
LostLetterReturn Rates for "Lost" Letters
MarathonDaily Training for a Marathon Runner
MarketsDaily Change in Dow Jones and Nikkei Stock Market Indices
MathEnrollmentEnrollments in Math Courses
MathPlacementMath Placement Exam Results
MedGPAGPA and Medical School Admission
MeniscusMeniscus Repair Methods
MentalHealthMental Health Admissions
MetabolicRateMetabolic Rate of Caterpillars
MetroCommutesCommute Times
MetroHealth83Health Services in Metropolitan Areas
MigrainesMigraines and TMS
MilgramEthics and a Milgram Experiment
MLB2007StandingsStandings and Team Statistics from the 2007 Baseball Season
MLBStandings2016MLB Standings in 2016
MothEggsMoth Eggs
MouseBrainEffects of Serotonin in Mice
MusicTimeEstimating Time with Different Music Playing
NCbirthsNorth Carolina Birth Records
NFL2007StandingsNFL Standings for 2007 Regular Season
NFLStandings2016NFL Standings for 2016 Regular Season
NursingNursing Homes
OilDeapsorbtionEffect of Ultrasound on Oil Deapsorbtion
OlivesFenthion in Olive Oil
OringsSpace Shuttle O-Rings
OverdrawnOverdrawn Checking Account?
OystersSize of Oysters
PalmBeachPalm Beach Butterfly Ballot
PeaceBridge2003Monthly Peace Bridge Traffic ( 2003-2015)
PeaceBridge2012Monthly Peace Bridge Traffic ( 2012-2015)
PedometerPedometer Walking Data
PerchPerch Sizes
PigFeedAdditives in Pig Feed
PinesMeasurements of Pine Tree Seedlings
PKUDopamine levels with PKU in diets
PoliticalPolitical Behavior of College Students
Pollster082008 U.S. Presidential Election Polls
PopcornPopcorn Popping Success
PorscheJaguarPorsche and Jaguar Prices
PorschePricePorsche Prices
PulsePulse Rates and Exercise
Putts1Putting Success by Length (Long Form)
Putts2Putting Success by Length (Short Form)
Putts3Hypothetical Putting Data (Short Form)
RacialAnimusRacial Animus and City Demgraphics
RadioactiveTwinsComparing Twins Ability to Clear Radioactive Particles
RailsTrailsHomes in Northampton MA Near Rail Trails
RectanglesMeasurements of Rectangles
ReligionGDPReligion and GDP for Countries
RepeatedPulsePulse Rates at Various Times of Day
ResidualOilUS Residual Oil Production (Quarterly 1983-2016)
RetirementYearly Contributions to a Supplemental Retirement Account
RicciFirefighter Promotion Exam Scores
RiverElementsElements in River Water Samples
RiverIronIron in River Water Samples
SampleFGField Goal Attempts in the NFL
SandwichAntsAnts on Sandwiches
SeaIceArctic Sea Ice (1979-2015)
SeaSlugsSea Slug Larvae
SleepingShrewsShrew Heart Rates at Stages of Sleep
sluacfComputes autocorrelations (ACF) for a time series
SparrowsSparrow Measurements
SpeciesAreaLand Area and Mammal Species
SpeedHighway Fatality Rates (Yearly)
Stat2Data-packageDatasets for Stat2: Modeling with Regression and ANOVA
SugarEthanolEffects of Oxygen on Sugar Metabolism
SuicideChinaSuicide Attempts in Shandong, China
SwahiliAttitudes Towards Swahili in Kenyan Schools
TadpolesEffects of a Fungus on Tadpoles
TechStocksDaily Prices of Three Tech Stocks
TeenPregnancyState Teen Pregnancy Rates
TextPricesTextbook Prices
ThomasConfirmationUS Senate Votes on Clarence Thomas Confirmation
ThreeCarsPrices of Three Used Car Models (2007)
ThreeCars2017Price, Age, and Mileage of Three Used Car Models
TipJokeImprove Chances of Getting a Tip?
TitanicPassengers on the Titanic
TMSMigraines and TMS
TomlinsonRushLaDainian Tomlinson Rushing Yards
TukeyNonaddPlotTukey Nonadditivity Plot for Two-way ANOVA
TwinsLungsComparing Twins Ability to Clear Radioactive Particles
UndoingDefense of Undoing OCD Symptoms in Psychotherapy
USstampsPrice of US Stamps
VisualVerbalVisual versus Verbal Performance
VoltsVoltage Drop for a Discharging Capacitor
WalkingBabiesEffects of Exercise on First Walking
WalkTheDogsDid the Author Walk the Dogs Today?
WeightLossIncentiveDo Financial Incentives Improve Weight Loss?
WeightLossIncentive4Do Financial Incentives Improve Weight Loss? (4 Months)
WeightLossIncentive7Do Financial Incentives Improve Weight Loss? (7 Months)
Whickham2Whickham Health Study
WordMemoryExperiment on Word Memory
WordsWithFriendsWords with Friends Scores
WrinkleMoving Wet Objects with Wrinkled Fingers
YouthRiskAnnual survey of health-risk youth behaviors
YouthRisk2007Riding with a Driver Who Has Been Drinking
YouthRisk2009Youth Risk Survey
ZimmermanStand Your Ground Simpson's Paradox
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