Political: Political Behavior of College Students

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Survey of political activity for Grinnell College students


A dataset with 59 observations on the following 9 variables.

Year Class year (1 to 4)
Sex 0=male or 1=female
Vote Voting status: 0=not eligible, 1=eligible/not registered, 2=registered/didn't vote, 4=voted
Paper Read news (per week): 0=never, 1=less than once, 2=once, 3=2 or 3 times, 4=daily
Edit Read editorial page? 0=no or 1=yes
TV Watch TV news: 0=never, 1=less than once, 2=once, 3=2 or 3 times, 4=daily
Ethics Politics should be ruled by: 1=ethical considerations to 5=practical power
Inform How informed are you about politics? 1=uninformed to 5=very well informed
Participate Missing if Vote=0, 0 if Vote=1 or 2, 1 if Vote=3


Students Jennifer Wolfson and Meredith Goulet conducted a survey in the spring of 1992 of Grinnell College students to ascertain patterns of political behavior. They took a simple random sample of 60 students who were U.S. citizens and conducted phone interviews. Using several "call backs" they obtained 59 responses.


Student survey at Grinnell College

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