Leafhoppers: Leafhopper Diet and Longevity

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Lifetimes for potato leafhoppers on various sugar diets


A data frame with 8 observations on the following 2 variables.

Diet Control, Fructose, Glucose, or Sucrose
Days Number of days until half the leafhoppers in a dish died


The goal of this study was to compare the effects of four diets on the lifespan of small insects called potato leafhoppers. One of the four was a control diet: just distilled water with no nutritive value. Each of the other three diets had a particular sugar added to the distilled water, one of glucose, sucrose, or fructose. Leafhoppers were sorted into groups of eight and each group was put into one of eight lab dishes. Each of the four diets was added to two dishes, chosen using chance.


"Survival and behavioral responses of the potato leafhopper, Empoasca Fabae (Harris), on synthetic media," MS thesis by Douglas Dahlman (1963), Iowa State University. The data can be found in Analyzing Experimental Data by Regression by David M. Allen and Foster B. Cady, Belmont, CA: Lifetime Learning (Wadsworth).

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