KeyWestWater: Key West Water Temperatures

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Hourly water temperatures from Gulf of Mexico near Key West, Florida


A data frame with 6572 observations on the following 3 variables.


Date and time of reading (format mm/dd/yyyy h:00)


Water temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit)


Time index (1 to 673)


Hourly readings of water temperatures from a measuring device in the Gulf of Mexico near Key West, Florida. The hourly temperatures are provided from October 3, 2016 to October 3, 2017 and were obtained from station 8724580. A few missing values have been interpolated to provide a complete series.


National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (2017), Key West Ocean Temperature Data, October 3, 2016 to October 3, 2017,, Accessed on October 4, 2017

Data were obtained by Kyle Johnston for his Senior Exercise (a capstone project).

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