Man pages for statnet/EpiModelHPC
EpiModel Extensions for High-Performance Computing

check_cpChecks for Checkpointed Rdata Files
EpiModelHPC-packageEpiModel Extensions for High-Performance Computing
get_epiExtract Epidemiological Output from Saved Simulation Files...
initialize_cpInitializes Network Model after Checkpointing
merge_simfilesSave Simulation Data from Stochastic Network Models
netest_parDynamic Network Model Estimation in Parallel
netsim_hpcStochastic Network Models on High-Performance Computing...
process_simfilesProcess sub-job simulation files saved as a series of Rdata...
pull_env_varsPull Standard Environmental Variables in Slurm Jobs
qsub_masterCreate qsub Bash Shell Script Parameter Combination
save_cpdataSaves for Network Simulation Rdata Files for Checkpointing
savesimSave Simulation Data from Stochastic Network Models
sbatch_masterCreate sbatch Bash Shell Script with Parameter Combination
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