Man pages for stranda/kernelPop2
Spatially explicit population genetic simulations

is.landscapeTest whether an object is a (fairly) legitimate landscape
landscape.allelecountCalculate allele numbers (frequency in the statistical sense)...
landscape.allelefreqCalculate allele frequencies at each locus in each population
landscape.amovacalcuates phi-st for every locus in the landscape
landscape.amova.locususes functions in ade4 to calcuate phi-st for a particular...
landscape.amova.pairwisecalculates pairwise phi_ST for a landscape
landscape.cleanFunction to resolve inconsistencies within a landscape
landscape.coalinputAdd loci and individuals based upon output from SimCoal 2.0
landscape.democolreturn largest demographic column from a landscape
landscape.demographyCalculate demographic parameters
landscape.exp.hetCalculate expected heterozygosity
landscape.FstCalculates population structure statistic for the entire...
landscape.FWrightCalculates Wright's Fixation index at each locus in each...
landscape.genepop.outputwrites genepop files based on the genotypes of individuals in...
landscape.generate.locationsgenerates randomly located and sized, non-overlapping habitat...
landscape.locusreturn a matrix containing genotypes for a particular locus a matrix containing actual allelic states and their...
landscape.locusvecreturn a vector with the locus ids for each column in the... a Skeletal Landscape an Epoch a Default Landscape't use a set of floating point parameters a landscape with individuals a set of integer parameters a Local Demography a locus a set of boolean parameters
landscape.obs.hetCalculate observed heterozygosity
landscape.ploidyreturn a vector with the ploidy of each locus
landscape.plot.locationsplots the locations of all habitats and individuals
landscape.pollen.kernel.demotakes parameters that define a pollen kernel and plots the...
landscape.populationsreturn a vector of population IDs from a landscape
landscape.samplesimulates sampling for genetics on the landscape
landscape.simulateRun a simulation for a single landscape through time
landscape.statesreturn a list object containing actual allele states and...
landscape.test.functiontests whatever c code is compiled in
landscape.theta.hCalculate theta using heterozygosity
landscape.theta.kCalculate theta using the number of alleles
landscape.theta.sCalculate theta using segregating sites genetic marker data in a landscape into a format...
landscape.write.fdistwrites a landscapes allele frequencies to an FDIST file
landscape.write.foreignSave a landscape to a file in a foreign format
SimulationComponentsCode components to simulate a landscape
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