API for sunny-zq/INGRID
InGRiD: Semi-supervised Identification of Cancer Subgroups using Survival Outcomes and Overlapping Grouping Information

Global functions
FitGene-class Man page
FitPath-class Man page
Prefiltered-class Man page
RegroupGene-class Man page
TCGA Man page
coef,FitGene-method Man page
coef,FitPath-method Man page
correctp.cox Source code
cv.coxsplsDR2 Source code
cv.eta Source code
cv_splscox Source code
geneRegroup Man page Source code
getIndicCViAUCSurvROCTest Source code
logplik Source code
plot,FitPath,missing-method Man page
plot,FitPath-method Man page
pls.cox Source code
predict,FitPath-method Man page
predict.pls.cox Source code
prefilter Man page Source code
selectGene Man page
selectGene,Prefiltered-method Man page
selectPath Man page
selectPath,FitGene-method Man page
show,FitGene-method Man page
show,FitPath-method Man page
show,Prefiltered-method Man page
show,RegroupGene-method Man page
show,geneRegroup-method Man page
spls.cox Source code
spls.dv Source code
ust Source code
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