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Explore batch effect (exploBATCH) is a package for discovering and correcting for batch effect using an approach in Nyamundanda et al (2016).

assessComBatAssessing ComBat corrected data
assessCorrectBATCHAssessing data corrected for batch effect using correctBATCH.
batchBreastA vector identifying batches in the breast dataset.
batchColonA vector identifying batches in the colon dataset.
bioCLA vector identifying tumor and normal samples in the colon...
BreastGene Expression dataset of breast cancer samples in samples...
ColonGene expression of coon samples in samples by features...
correctBatchBatch correction approach based on the PPCCA model.
correctComBatBatch correction with ComBat
expBATCHDiscovering and correcting batch effect.
exploBATCH-packageExplore batch effect (exploBATCH) is a package for...
findBATCHA function to formally tests presence of batch effect.
pcaBeforeCorrectionPCA before correction.
ppccaBeforeCorrectionPPCCA before correction.
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