Man pages for tavareshugo/MagicHelpR
QTL mapping in Arabidopsis MAGIC lines

addPhenotypesAdd phenotypes to 'MagicGen' object
class-MagicGenMagicGen class
downloadArabMagicDownload Arabidopsis MAGIC genotypes
estimateFounderEffectEstimate founder QTL effect
getFounderGenotypesRetrieve SNP genotypes of MAGIC founders from a MagicGen...
getGenotypesRetrieve genotypes from a MagicGen object
getMarkersRetrieve markers from a MagicGen object
getPhenotypesRetrieve phenotypes from a MagicGenPhen object
inferMagicFounderInfer most likely founder for a given SNP
magicFounderReconstructCalculate MAGIC founder genotype probabilities
magicQtlScanMake a QTL scan - deprecated function
scanQtlMake a QTL scan
tidyArabMagicTidy Arabidopsis MAGIC genotypes
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