Man pages for tdw1221/NITUMID
Non-negative Matrix Factorization-based Immune-TUmor MIcroenvironment Deconvolution

A_melanoma_v5Trichotomous immune cells and melanoma
cell_structure_exampleExample of cell types matching table
helloHello, World!
NITUMIDNITUMID top level function
NITUMID_simpleSimple version of NITUMID
NMF_RNA_TangNMF core function
NMF_RNA_Tang_indNMF core function
row_mean_v5Siganture genes' mean expression in training data
signature_marker_melanomaSiganture genes' information for immune cells and melanoma
Signature_MatchFind signature genes' positions in gene expression data
Update_H_TangUpdate of H matrix in iteration
Update_W_TangUpdate of W matrix in iteration
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