Man pages for theboocock/rehh
Searching for footprints of selection using Haplotype Homozygosity based tests

bifurcation.diagramplot of an haplotype bifurcation diagram
calc_ehhEHH and iHH computations at a given core SNP
calc_ehhsEHHS and iES computations at a given core SNP
data2haplohhConverting data into an object of class haplohh
distribplotDistribution of standardized iHS or Rsb values
haplohh_cgu_bta12Example of an 'haplohh' object
haplohh-classClass '"haplohh"'
ies2rsbCompute Rsb (standardized ratio of iES from two populations)
ihh2ihsCompute iHS (standardized iHH)
ihsplotPlot iHS over a genome
make.example.filesCreating example input files
rehh-packageSearching for footprints of selection using Haplotype...
rsbplotPlot Rsb over a genome
scan_hhComputing EHH based statistics over a whole chromosome
wgscan.cguWhole genome scan results for the CGU (Creole from Guadeloupe...
wgscan.eutWhole genome scan results for a pooled of European taurine...
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