Man pages for tjburns08/Sconify
A toolkit for performing KNN-based statistics for flow and mass

add.tsneAdd tSNE to your results.
bz.gmcsf.finalBodenmiller-Zunder GM-CSF post-SCONE final data GM-CSF post-SCONE final data, that's been...
existRandom musing a file as input and returns a data frame of cells by...
fnnCompute knn using the fnn algorithm
funct.markersFunctional markers from the Wanderlust dataset.
get.knn.deGet the KNN density estimaion
get.marker.namesTakes in an example file as input and returns all markers
imputeImputes values for all markers (used as input) for each cell
impute.testingImpute testing
input.markersInput markers for the Wanderlust dataset
log.transform.qLog transform the q values
make.knn.listMake list of cells by features for each KNN member
markersMarkers for the Wanderlust dataset
meaning.of.lifeMeaning of life
multiple.donor.statisticsRuns a t test on the medians or means of multiple donors for...
post.processingPost-processing for scone analysks.
process.multiple.filesConverts multiple files into a concatenated data frame
q.correction.thresholdingCorrects all p values for multiple hypotheses, sets threshold...
quantile_normalizationPerforms quantile normalization on the data frame (patient)...
quant.normalize.elementsTakes a list of tibbles as input, and performs per-column...
run.statisticsPerforms a series of statistical tests on the batch of cells...
scone.valuesMaster function for per-knn statistics functionality,...
splitFileRuns "process.multiple.files" on a single file, splits it... strings to numbers.
subsample.and.tsneSubsample data and run tSNE
wand.combinedWanderlust data combined basal and IL7 cells
wand.finalPost-scone output of the "combiend" Wanderlust data.
wand.ideal.kA named vector to help the user determine the ideal k for the...
wand.il7Wanderlust IL7 data
wand.sconeWanderlust scone output
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