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Production models are holistic models, which can be used to estimate maximum sustainable yield (MSY) and virgin biomass. This function uses the equilibrium approach to estimate parameters (Schaefer model and Fox model).





a dataframe consisting of:

  • year year vector,

  • Y catch in weight per year, and

  • f fishing effort per year, or

  • CPUE catch per unit of effort per year (optional).


logical; if TRUE, a graph is displayed


Production models are also called surplus production models or biomass dynamic models. They can be applied if sufficient data are available: effort and yield parameters have to be expended over a certain number of years. Furthermore, the fishing effort must have undergone substantial changes over the period covered (Sparre and Venema, 1998). Either the catch per unit of effort (CPUE) is inserted into the model directly (objectname: CPUE) or the CPUE is calculated from the catch and effort, then these two vectors should have required units. There are three ways of estimating paramaters of production models, (i) assuming equlibrium conditions, (ii) transforming equation to linear form, or (iii) time-series fitting (Hilborn and Walters, 1992). The first approach corresponds to the Schaefer and Fox model and thus the methodology of this function. The authors recommend to use dynamic fitting methods when possible rather than the equilibrium approach. For dynamic production models please refer to prod_mod_ts.


A list with the input parameters and following list objects:


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