Man pages for tpq/miSciTools
Miscellaneous Science Tools for Bioinformatic Analysis

aptlyAptly Characterize Aptamers
asTempObjSet Temporary Object
classCheckClass Check
ctdComparative Toxicogenomics Database
ctd.wideComparative Toxicogenomics Database (Wide Format)
demandLoad or Install Package
ensg2goConvert ENSEMBL to GO
ensg2hgncConvert ENSEMBL to SYMBOL
fig.3DMake 3D Plot
fig.cbindVertical Join Figures
fig.fromAdjPlot Adjacency Matrix
fig.fromTableMake Figure from Table
fig.labelLabel Figure Panel
fig.prettyMake 'ggplot' Pretty
fig.rbindHorizontal Join Figures
fig.saveSave Figure
fig.tileTile Join Figures
fsPathClassRFESelect Features by Recursive Feature Elimination
fsPRASelect Features by Principal Ratio Analysis
fsPropdSelect Features by Differential Proportionality Analysis
fsSelbalSelect a Discriminative Balance
getRecountGet recount2 Data
go2termConvert GO to Terms
grapes-plus-grapesPaste with Sum
hgnc2ensgConvert SYMBOL to ENSEMBL
hgnc2goConvert SYMBOL to GO
hgnc2ligerQuickly Run a Gene Set Enrichment
insertInsert New Line
keggKEGGREST Database
liftLift Over Genome Build
linc2goLinc2GO GeneSetCollection
long2wideMake Wide Data from Long Data
migraph'igraph' Helper Functions
multiplotPlot Multiple Graphs
packageCheckCheck for Packages
progressMake Progress Bar
qsubQsub Linux Command
quick.anovaRun Quick ANOVA
quick.DESeq2Run DESeq2 LRT or Wald Test
quick.edgeRRun edgeR Exact Test
randBootsRandomly Generate Bootstraps
randFoldsRandomly Generate Folds
randSampsRandomly Assign Class Labels
rda.reconstructReconstruct Data from RDA Object
remove_geomRemove GEOM From 'ggplot' Object
replaceNAReplace NA Values
simpliGSEAPerform Gene Set Enrichment Analysis
test.lequalTest All Equal Within List
tttestMake a Table of t-test Results
wide2longMake Long Data from Wide Data
writeRWrite R Script
wwtestMake a Table of Wilcoxon Rank Sum test Results
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