API for vladpetyuk/MSnID
Utilities for Exploration and Assessment of Confidence of LC-MSn Proteomics Identifications

Global functions
$,MSnID-method Man page
$,MSnIDFilter-method Man page
$<-,MSnID-method Man page
$<-,MSnIDFilter-method Man page
MSnID Man page Source code
MSnID-class Man page
MSnID-package Man page
MSnIDFilter Man page Source code
MSnIDFilter-class Man page
[[,MSnID,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[[,MSnID-method Man page
[[<-,MSnID-method Man page
accessions Man page
accessions,MSnID-method Man page
apply_filter Man page
apply_filter,MSnID,MSnIDFilter-method Man page
apply_filter,MSnID,character-method Man page
as.numeric,MSnIDFilter-method Man page
assess_missed_cleavages Man page Source code
assess_missed_cleavages,MSnID-method Man page
assess_termini Man page Source code
assess_termini,MSnID-method Man page
c_elegans Man page
check_column Source code
class:MSnID Man page
class:MSnIDFilter Man page
coerce,MSnID,MSnSet-method Man page
coerce,MSnID,data.table-method Man page
construct_optimization_grid Source code
convert_MSnID_to_MSnSet Source code
correct_peak_selection Man page
correct_peak_selection,MSnID-method Man page
d_quality Source code
dim,MSnID-method Man page
evaluate_filter Man page
evaluate_filter,MSnID-method Man page
factor_to_str_converter Source code
get_clean_peptide_sequence Source code
get_filterString Source code
get_filterValues Source code
get_num_pep_for_fdr Source code
id_quality Man page
id_quality,MSnID-method Man page
infer_parsimonious_accessions Man page
infer_parsimonious_accessions,MSnID-method Man page
length,MSnIDFilter-method Man page
mass_measurement_error Man page
mass_measurement_error,MSnID-method Man page
msnidObj Man page
names,MSnID-method Man page
names,MSnIDFilter-method Man page
optimize_filter Man page Source code
optimize_filter,MSnIDFilter,MSnID-method Man page
optimize_filter.grid Source code
optimize_filter.grid.mclapply Source code
optimize_filter.grid.parLapply Source code
peptides Man page
peptides,MSnID-method Man page
proteins Man page
proteins,MSnID-method Man page
psms Man page
psms,MSnID-method Man page
psms<- Man page
psms<-,MSnID,data.frame-method Man page
read_mzIDs Man page
read_mzIDs,MSnID-method Man page
read_mzIDs.memoized Source code
read_mzIDs.mzR Source code
read_mzIDs.mzR.engine.single.file Source code
recalibrate Man page
recalibrate,MSnID-method Man page
s_filterList_valid Source code
show,MSnID-method Man page
show,MSnIDFilter-method Man page
strip_flanking_AAs Source code
strip_modifications_from_peptide Source code
update,MSnIDFilter-method Man page
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