Man pages for wangxlab/uniConSigPreCal
Fast calculation of uniConSig and CSEA

cal_conceptWeightcalculate concept weight
cal_cumNorWeightCalculate cumulative normalized weights
cal_uniConSigcalculate uniConSig using pre-calculated files
cal_weightMatrixload concept database from gmt, calculate concept weights,...
construct_permuListcontruct permutation list
CSEACalculate CSEA
findESFind the highest absolute value of weights
get_data_uniConSigPreCalFetch pre-calculated data from github for uniConSig...
pathway.c2cpPathway gene sets of C2CP from MSigDB
pathway.hallmarkPathway gene sets of HALLMARK from MSigDB
perm_weightedKS_ofCSEACalculate the permutations of random on-set genes
trList.cgcCancer gene sets from Cancer Gene Census
uniConSigPreCal-packageCalculate uniConSig scores using pre-calculated files
weightedKS_ofCSEACalculate weighted random walk k-s test for CSEA
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