Man pages for weecology/LDATS
Detect Community-Types from Data and Identify Break Points

AIC.LDAGeneralization of the AIC function to work on LDA topic...
doc_weightsCalculate document weights
LDAA simple parallel wrapper to the topicmodels LDA function
LDA_selectSelection of best LDA model(s) for use in time series
LDATSPerforms two-stage LDA-timeseries analyses
LDA_TSTwo-stage LDA-time series analysis
MTSMultinomial Time Series analysis of a topic model...
MTS_prepPrep the data inputs to the MTS function
MTS_setConduct a set of MTS analyses
multinom_chunkFit multinomial time chunk model
multinom_tsFit multinomial time series model
plot.LDAPlot an LDA model
plot.LDA_listPlot a set of LDA models
prep_changeptsPrepare the changepoints for the MTS algorithm
prep_tempsPrepare the temperatures for the MTS algorithm
proposal_distCalculate the proposal distribution for the time series model
rodentsPortal rodent data
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