Man pages for welch16/ChIPUtils
ChIPUtils - A package to perform exploratory analysis of ChIP data and most commonly used QC measures

create_binsPartitions a genome into bins of a fixed length and counts...
create_readsCreates a reads object
dt2grConverts a data.table to GRanges
gr2dtConverts a GRanges object to data.table
hexbin_plotCreates a quick hexbin plot to check the relationship between...
isPET-methodsisPET methods
local_strand_cross_corrCalculate the strand cross correlation for a specific genome...
nreads-methodsnreads methods
PBCCalculates the PCR bottleneck coefficient
possible_chrom_sizesReturns the chromosome sizes available in the package
reads-classreads class description
readsFile-methodsreadsFile methods
readsF-methodsreadsF methods
readsR-methodsreadsR methods
strand_cross_corr-methodsstrand_cross_corr methods
summary-methodssummary methods
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