Man pages for wolski/pairseqsim
pairwise sequence alignment similarity simple.

AAAlignment-class"AAAlignment" result of pairwise sequence alignment.
AAAlphabet-classClass "AAAlphabet" Amino Acid Alphabet
AASequenceAASequence constructor
AASequence-class"AASequence" Object representation of a protein Sequence
AASequenceList-classClass "AASequenceList" - Container
EPAM110Amino Acid Substitution matrices
listdist-methodsCompute distance matrix from a list
readFasta-methodsreader for databases in Fasta file format.
salign-methodsOptimal pairwise alignment of two protein sequences.
sequlistAASequenceList with 66 entries.
Submatrix-classClass "Submatrix" Substitution Matrix
testalign-methodsScoring of optimal alingments.
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