Man pages for wvanwie/ragt2ridges
Ridge Estimation of Vector Auto-Regressive (VAR) Processes

array2longitudinalConvert a time-series array to a longitudinal-object.
centerVAR1dataZero-centering of time-course data
CIGofVAR1Conditional independence graphs of the VAR(1) model
createAGeneration of the VAR(1) autoregressive coefficient matrix.
dataVAR1Sample data from a VAR(1) model
evaluateVAR1fitVisualize the fit of a VAR(1) model
graphVAR1Graphs of the temporal (or contemporaneous) relations implied...
hpvP35Time-course P53 pathway data
impulseResponseVAR1Impulse response analysis of the VAR(1) model
loglikLOOCVcontourVAR1Contourplot of LOOCV log-likelihood of VAR(1) model
loglikLOOCVVAR1Leave-one-out (minus) cross-validated log-likelihood of...
loglikVAR1Log-likelihood of the VAR(1) model.
longitudinal2arrayConvert a longitudinal object into an array.
momentSMoments of the sample covariance matrix.
mutualInfoVAR1Mutual information analysis of the VAR(1) model
nodeStatsVAR1VAR(1) model node statistics
optPenaltyPchordalAutomatic search for penalty parameter of ridge precision...
optPenaltyVAR1Automatic penalty parameter selection for the VAR(1) model.
plotVAR1dataTime series plot
ragt2ridges-packageRidge Estimation of Vector Auto-Regressive (VAR) Processes
ridgePathVAR1Visualize the ridge regularization paths of the parameters of...
ridgePchordalRidge estimation for high-dimensional precision matrices with...
ridgeVAR1Ridge ML estimation of the VAR(1) model
sparsifyVAR1Function that determines the support of auto-regression...
support4ridgePSupport of the adjacency matrix to cliques and separators.
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