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Meta-Analysis Package for R

addpolyAdd Polygons to Forest Plots
addpoly.defaultAdd Polygons to Forest Plots (Default Method)
addpoly.rmaAdd Polygons to Forest Plots (Method for 'rma' Objects)
anova.rmaLikelihood Ratio and Wald-Type Tests for 'rma' Objects
baujatBaujat Plots for 'rma' Objects
bldiagConstruct Block Diagonal Matrix
blupBest Linear Unbiased Predictions for 'rma.uni' Objects
coef.permutest.rma.uniExtract the Model Coefficient Table from 'permutest.rma.uni'...
coef.rmaExtract the Model Coefficients and Coefficient Table from...
confint.rmaConfidence Intervals for 'rma' Objects
cumulCumulative Meta-Analysis for 'rma' Objects
dat.bangertdrowns2004Studies on the Effectiveness of Writing-to-Learn...
dat.begg1989Studies on Bone-Marrow Transplantation versus Chemotherapy...
dat.berkey1998Studies on Treatments for Periodontal Disease
dat.bonett2010Studies on the Reliability of the CES-D Scale
dat.bourassa1996Studies on the Association between Handedness and...
dat.colditz1994Studies on the Effectiveness of the BCG Vaccine Against...
dat.collins1985aStudies on the Treatment of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding...
dat.collins1985bStudies on the Effects of Diuretics in Pregnancy
dat.curtis1998Studies on the Effects of Elevated CO2 Levels on Woody Plant...
dat.debruin2009Studies on Standard Care Quality and HAART-Adherence
dat.egger2001Studies on the Effectiveness of Intravenous Magnesium in...
dat.fine1993Studies on Radiation Therapy with or without Adjuvant...
dat.gibson2002Studies on the Effectiveness of Self-Management Education and...
dat.hackshaw1998Studies on Lung Cancer Risk from ETS Exposure
dat.hart1999Studies on the Effectiveness of Warfarin for Preventing...
dat.hasselblad1998Studies on the Effectiveness of Counseling for Smoking...
dat.hine1989Studies on Prophylactic Use of Lidocaine After a Heart Attack
dat.ishak2007Studies on Deep-Brain Stimulation
dat.konstantopoulos2011Studies on the Effects of Modified School Calendars on...
dat.laopaiboon2015Studies on the Effectiveness of Azithromycin for Treating...
dat.lee2004Studies on Acupoint P6 Stimulation for Preventing Nausea
dat.li2007Studies on the Effectiveness of Intravenous Magnesium in...
dat.linde2005Studies on the Effectiveness of St. John's Wort for Treating...
dat.mcdaniel1994Studies on the Validity of Employment Interviews
dat.molloy2014Studies on the Relationship between Conscientiousness and...
dat.nielweise2007Studies on Anti-Infective-Treated Central Venous Catheters...
dat.nielweise2008Studies on Anti-Infective-Treated Central Venous Catheters...
dat.normand1999Studies on the Length of Hospital Stay of Stroke Patients
dat.pagliaro1992Studies on the Effectiveness of Nonsurgical Treatments in...
dat.pignon2000Studies on the Effectiveness of Locoregional Treatment plus...
dat.pritz1997Studies on the Effectiveness of Hyperdynamic Therapy for...
dat.raudenbush1985Studies on Assessing the Effects of Teacher Expectations on...
dat.riley2003Studies on MYC-N as a Prognostic Marker for Neuroblastoma
dat.senn2013Studies on the Effectiveness of Glucose-Lowering Agents
dat.yusuf1985Studies of Beta Blockers During and After Myocardial...
escalcCalculate Effect Sizes and Outcome Measures
fitstatsFit Statistics and Information Criteria for 'rma' Objects
fitted.rmaFitted Values for 'rma' Objects
forestForest Plots
forest.cumul.rmaForest Plots (Method for 'cumul.rma' Objects)
forest.defaultForest Plots (Default Method)
forest.rmaForest Plots (Method for 'rma' Objects)
fsnFail-Safe N Analysis (File Drawer Analysis)
funnelFunnel Plots
goshGOSH Plots for 'rma' Objects
hcMeta-Analysis based on the Method by Henmi and Copas (2010)
influence.rma.mvOutlier and Influential Case Diagnostics for '' Objects
influence.rma.uniOutlier and Influential Case Diagnostics for 'rma.uni'...
labbeL'Abbe Plots for 'rma' Objects
leave1outLeave-One-Out Diagnostics for 'rma' Objects
llplotLog-Likelihood Plot of a Parameter Corresponding to an...
metafor.newsRead News File of the Metafor Package
metafor-packagemetafor: A Meta-Analysis Package for R
methods.escalcMethods for 'escalc' Objects
methods.list.rmaMethods for 'list.rma' Objects
model.matrix.rmaModel Matrix for 'rma' Objects
permutestPermutation Tests for 'rma.uni' Objects
plot.cumul.rmaPlot Method for 'cumul.rma' Objects
plot.gosh.rmaPlot Method for 'gosh.rma' Objects
plot.infl.rma.uniPlot Method for 'infl.rma.uni' Objects
plot.rmaPlot Method for 'rma' Objects
predict.rmaPredicted Values for 'rma' Objects
print.anova.rmaPrint Method for 'anova.rma' Objects
print.confint.rmaPrint Method for 'confint.rma' Objects
print.escalcPrint and Summary Methods for 'escalc' Objects
print.fsnPrint Method for 'fsn' Objects
print.gosh.rmaPrint Method for 'gosh.rma' Objects
print.hc.rma.uniPrint Method for 'hc.rma.uni' Objects
print.list.rmaPrint method for 'list.rma' Objects
print.permutest.rma.uniPrint Method for 'permutest.rma.uni' Objects
print.ranktest.rmaPrint Method for 'ranktest.rma' Objects
print.regtest.rmaPrint Method for 'regtest.rma' Objects
print.rmaPrint and Summary Methods for 'rma' Objects
print.robust.rmaPrint Method for 'robust.rma' Objects
profile.rmaProfile Plots for 'rma' Objects
qqnorm.rmaNormal QQ Plots for 'rma' Objects
radialRadial (Galbraith) Plots for 'rma' Objects
ranefBest Linear Unbiased Predictions for 'rma.uni' and ''...
ranktestRank Correlation Test for Funnel Plot Asymmetry
regtestRegression Test for Funnel Plot Asymmetry
replmissReplace Missing Values in a Vector
reporterDynamically Generated Analysis Reports for 'rma.uni' Objects
residuals.rmaResidual Values based on 'rma' Objects
rma.glmmMeta-Analysis via Generalized Linear (Mixed-Effects) Models
rma.mhMeta-Analysis via the Mantel-Haenszel Method
rma.mvMeta-Analysis via Multivariate/Multilevel Linear...
rma.petoMeta-Analysis via Peto's Method
rma.uniMeta-Analysis via Linear (Mixed-Effects) Models
robust(Cluster) Robust Tests and Confidence Intervals for 'rma'...
simulate.rmaSimulate Method for 'rma' Objects
to.longConvert Data from Vector to Long Format
to.tableConvert Data from Vector to Table Format
transfTransformation Function
trimfillTrim and Fill Analysis for 'rma.uni' Objects
update.rmaModel Updating for 'rma' Objects
vcov.rmaExtract Various Types of Variance-Covariance Matrices from...
weights.rmaCompute Weights for 'rma' Objects
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