Man pages for xu-chang/patchwork-lite
Allele-specific Copy Number Analysis of whole genome data

karyotypekaryotype plotting function
karyotype_checkKaryotype check function
karyotype_chromsKaryotype plotting of each chromosome
karyotype_chromsCNKaryotype plotting for each chromosome post...
patchwork.alleledatapatchwork alleledata function
patchwork.applyrefApply reference to query data
patchwork.copynumbersFunction plot allele-specific copy numbers of the genome
patchwork.createreferencePatchwork function to create your own normal reference file.
patchwork.GCNormpatchwork GC normalizing function
patchwork.Medians_n_AIpatchwork function which computes medians and allelec...
patchwork.plotPatchwork main function
patchwork.readChromspatchwork function to read chromosomes into R
patchwork.regionDetailed view of a selected regions of the genome.
patchwork.segmentpatchwork segmentation function
patchwork.smoothingpatchwork smoothing function
subfunctions_copynumbersA number of subfunctions used within patchwork.copynumbers().
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