Man pages for ykong2/MADSEQ
Mosaic Aneuploidy Detection and Quantification using Massive Parallel Sequencing Data

aneuploidy_chr18An S4 class MadSeq object
deltaBICAccessing delta BIC of MadSeq object
MadSeqThe MadSeq class
MADSEQ-packageMosaic Aneuploidy Detection using Massive Parallel Sequencing...
normalizeCoveragecorrect coverage bias due to GC content
plotFractionhistgram for the fraction of aneuploid cells estimated by...
plotMadSeqdensity plot for posterior distribution of selected model
plotMixturedensity plot for the posterior distribution of alternative...
posteriorAccessing posterior distribution of MadSeq object
prepareCoverageGCget sequencing coverage and GC content for targeted regions
prepareHeteroprepare heterozygous sites for aneuploidy detection
runMadSeqModel to detect and quantify mosaic aneuploidy
summary-methodSummarize statistics of the MadSeq object
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