Man pages for yun-feng/WGDAP
Whole Genome Duplication Analysis Pipeline

Check_dualQuality Control for Post-processing
data_lassoPrepare Dataset for Post-processing
down_sampleDown Sample The Original Dataset
fevalEvaluate Loss
FPIFixed Point Iteration
get_sepCalculate the Separation Value for Ploidy
init_varSet the Initial Value for Variables
int_ploidyCalculate Integer Ploidy Value for Post-processing
load_dataLoad Dataset Containing Copy Number Profile
par_lassoPrepare Parameters for Post-processing
plot_afterPlot Recurrent CNV After WGD for each loci
plot_barPlot the Original Copy number for Selected Loci
plot_beforePlot Recurrent CNV Before WGD for each loci
plot_ploidyPlot Inferred v.s. Average Ploidy
plot_scatterPlot Recurrent CNV Before v.s. After WGD for each loci
set_parSet Up Parameters for Analysis
var_lassoPrepare Variables for Post-processing
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