Defines functions ratesByAge

Documented in ratesByAge

ratesByAge <- function(APCList, age, per, scale=10^3, log.ax="", ann=TRUE, grid=TRUE, ...){

    # with the new Epi version type must be pa if inteval length are not equal
#     if(!(type %in% c("pa", "ca")))
#         stop("Argument type must be either equal to pa or ca")
    np <- nperiod(APCList)
    rates <- epi(APCList)/pyrs(APCList)

    rates <- t(rates)
    rateplot(rates*scale, age=age, per=per, which=type, log.ax=log.ax, ann=ann, 
        grid=grid, ylab=paste("Rates per", format(scale, scientific=FALSE), sep=" "), xlab="Date of event",...)

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