Man pages for HTDA
HTDA (High Throughput Data Analysis)

annotateFunction for Gene-Set Enrichment Analysis
AverageScanfunction to extract average mass/charge and intensity value...
DenovoAsmAnnoTFunction for denovo Transcriptomics Assembly
diffExpFunction for Differential Expression
diffExpRFunction for RNASeq Differential Expression
extractHelper function for parse-shimadzu
FinalTableHelper function for parse-shimadzu
gcProcessFunction for GCMS data preprocessing
HTDA-packageHTDA-High Throghput Data Analysis
IndiMsScanFunction to extract m/z and intensity from each scan of Mass...
MultiVariAnalysisFunction for Multivariant Analysis
NcmsProcessData-classClass '"NcmsProcessData"'
ParseAnother helper function for parse-Shimadzu
parse.shimadzuFunction for parsing Shimadzy pre-processed .txt file
parse.Shimadzu-classClass '"parse.Shimadzu"'
plotAllMsSpectrafunction for plotting all Mass Spectrum
PlotChromPlotting gas chromatogram
plotMsSpectrumplot individual mass spectrum
preprocessFunction for processing raw LCMS data
PreProcessData-classClass '"PreProcessData"'
QualityDenovoFunction to check the quality of the assembled Transcriptome
rmBaselineBaseline Correction
rnaseqProcessConstructor for class PreProcessData
SeqAnaFunction for the annotation of assembled Transcriptome
SequnecAnalysisData-classClass '"SequnecAnalysisData"'
show-methods~~ Methods for Function 'show' ~~
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