HTDA-package: HTDA-High Throghput Data Analysis

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This vignette describe the classes and objects implemented in HTDA package. The Aim of HTDA package is to provide a single platform for the analysis of high thr oghput data (RNASeq, LCMS and GCMS). HTDA currently is in developing phase and w ill test it on real data. This package is completely free and open source.If you use it, find any bug and in case of question then please contact us. We will ap preciate any suggestion.


Package: HTDA
Type: Package
Version: 1.0
Date: 2014-05-17
License: What license is it under?
Depends: Limma,xcms,PROcess,GOstats,amap,rtracklayer,Rsamtools,CAMERA,GOsta ts,GenomicRanges


Reema Singh,Andrew M. Lynn and Yogendra Bhaskar

Maintainer: Who to complain to <[email protected]>


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