STAR: Spike Train Analysis with R

Functions to analyze neuronal spike trains

AuthorChristophe Pouzat
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerChristophe Pouzat <>
LicenseGPL version 2 or newer

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Man pages

acf.spikeTrain: Auto- Covariance and -Correlation Function Estimation for...

as.repeatedTrain: Coerce and Test repeatedTrain Objects

as.spikeTrain: Coerce, Test and Extract from spikeTrain Objects

brt4df: Get Backward Recurrence Times from Data Frames Generated by...

cockroachALData: Spike Trains of several Cockroach Antennal Lobe Neurons...

coef.durationFit: Utility Functions for durationFit Objects

compModels: Compare Duration Models on a Specific Data Set

df4counts: Generates a Data Frame from a repeatedTrain Object After Time...

diff.spikeTrain: diff method for spikeTrain objects

dinvgauss: The Inverse Gaussian Distribution

dllogis: The Log Logistic Distribution

drexp: The Refractory Exponential Distribution

frt: Computes Forward Recurrence Times from Two transformedTrain...

gammaMLE: Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation of a Gamma Model with...

gamObj: Generic Function and Methods for Extracting a gamObject

hgamma: Hazard Functions for Some Common Duration Distributions

hist.lockedTrain: Auto- and Cross-Intensity Function Estimate for Spike Trains

invgaussMLE: Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation of an Inverse...

isiHistFit: ISI Histogram With Fitted Model and CI

jpsth: Related Functions and Methods for Joint-PSTHs and Joint...

llogisMLE: Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation of a Log Logistic...

lnormMLE: Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation of a Log Normal Model...

lockedTrain: Construct and Plot Time-Dependent Cross-correlation Diagram

mkDummy: Generates a Data Frame of Dummy Variables for Use in gam

mkGLMdf: Formats (lists of) spikeTrain and repeatedTrain Objects into...

mkREdf: Evaluates RateEvolutions for spikeTrain Lists and Returns...

plot.frt: Plots and Summarizes frt Objects.

plot.spikeTrain: Display Counting Process Associated with Single Spike Train

plot.transformedTrain: Plot Diagnostics for an transformedTrain Object

print.repeatedTrain: Print and Summary Methods for repeatedTrain Objects

print.spikeTrain: Print and Summary Methods for spikeTrain Objects

psth: Compute and Plot Peri-Stimulus Time Histogram

purkinjeCellData: Spike Trains of a Purkinje Cells (PC) Recorded in Control...

qqDuration: Quantile-Quantile Plot For Fitted Duration Distributions

raster: Generate a Raster Plot

rateEvolution: Evaluates and Plots a Spike Train Firing Rate's Evolution

renewalTestPlot: Non-Parametric Tests for Renewal Processes

reportHTML: Generic Function for Automatic HTML Report Generation

reportHTML.gam: Generates a Report in HTML Format from a STAR gam Object

reportHTML.repeatedTrain: Performs Basic Spike Train Analysis and Generates a Report in...

reportHTML.spikeTrain: Performs Basic Spike Train Analysis and Generates a Report in...

rexpMLE: Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation of a Refractory...

ShallowShocks: Shallow Shocks (M >= 6.0) in OFF Tohoku Area for 1885-1980

slockedTrain: Function to Smooth a lockedTrain Object and Related Methods

spsth: Smooth Peri Stimulus Time Histogram Related Functions and...

STAR-package: Spike Train Analysis with R

summary.transformedTrain: Summary of transformedTrain Objects

trainWAV: Generate wav Files from Spike Train(s)

transformedTrain: Performs Time Transformation of Spike Trains Fitted with glm...

varianceTime: Variance-Time Analysis for Spike Trains

weibullMLE: Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation of a Weibull Model...


acf.spikeTrain Man page
as.repeatedTrain Man page
as.spikeTrain Man page
brt4df Man page
CAL1S Man page
CAL1V Man page
CAL2C Man page
CAL2S Man page
coef.durationFit Man page
compModels Man page
contour.jpsth Man page
df4counts Man page
diff.spikeTrain Man page
dinvgauss Man page
dllogis Man page
drexp Man page
e070528citronellal Man page
e070528spont Man page
frt Man page
\%frt\% Man page
gammaMLE Man page
gamObj Man page
gamObj.slockedTrain Man page
gamObj.spsth Man page
hgamma Man page
hinvgauss Man page
hist.lockedTrain Man page
hllogis Man page
hlnorm Man page
hrexp Man page
hweibull Man page
image.jpsth Man page
invgaussMLE Man page
is.durationFit Man page
isiHistFit Man page
is.repeatedTrain Man page
is.spikeTrain Man page
is.varianceTime Man page
jpsth Man page
jpsth2df Man page
jsd Man page
llogisMLE Man page
lnormMLE Man page
lockedTrain Man page
logLik.durationFit Man page
mkDummy Man page
mkGLMdf Man page
mkREdf Man page
mPK Man page
persp.jpsth Man page
pinvgauss Man page
pllogis Man page
plot.frt Man page
plot.hist.lockedTrain Man page
plot.lockedTrain Man page
plot.psth Man page
plot.rateEvolution Man page
plot.repeatedTrain Man page
plot.slockedTrain Man page
plot.spikeTrain Man page
plot.spsth Man page
plot.transformedTrain Man page
plot.varianceTime Man page
prexp Man page
print.lockedTrain Man page
print.repeatedTrain Man page
print.slockedTrain Man page
print.spikeTrain Man page
print.spsth Man page
print.summary.repeatedTrain Man page
psth Man page
qinvgauss Man page
qllogis Man page
qqDuration Man page
qrexp Man page
raster Man page
rateEvolution Man page
renewalTestPlot Man page
reportHTML Man page
reportHTML.gam Man page
reportHTML.repeatedTrain Man page
reportHTML.spikeTrain Man page
rexpMLE Man page
rinvgauss Man page
rllogis Man page
rrexp Man page
ShallowShocks Man page
slockedTrain Man page
[.spikeTrain Man page
sPK Man page
spsth Man page
STAR Man page
STAR-package Man page
summary.frt Man page
summary.repeatedTrain Man page
summary.slockedTrain Man page
summary.spikeTrain Man page
summary.spsth Man page
summary.transformedTrain Man page
trainWAV Man page
transformedTrain Man page
varianceTime Man page
weibullMLE Man page


R/repeatedTrain.R R/reportHTML.repeatedTrain.R R/spikeTrain.R R/summary.transformedTrain.R R/reportHTML.gam.R R/slockedTrain.R R/spikeTrainStats.R R/reportHTML.spikeTrain.R R/frt.R R/spsth.R R/transformedTrain.R R/reportHTML.R R/plot.transformedTrain.R R/brt4df.R R/trainWAV.R R/rateEvolution.R R/durationDist.R R/lockedTrain.R R/jpsth.R R/mkGLMdf.R R/gamObj.R R/mkDummy.R
man/isiHistFit.Rd man/qqDuration.Rd man/rateEvolution.Rd man/as.spikeTrain.Rd man/raster.Rd man/reportHTML.Rd man/lockedTrain.Rd man/gammaMLE.Rd man/hist.lockedTrain.Rd man/brt4df.Rd man/cockroachALData.Rd man/frt.Rd man/mkGLMdf.Rd man/renewalTestPlot.Rd man/plot.frt.Rd man/llogisMLE.Rd man/varianceTime.Rd man/purkinjeCellData.Rd man/lnormMLE.Rd man/STAR-package.Rd man/mkDummy.Rd man/compModels.Rd man/as.repeatedTrain.Rd man/weibullMLE.Rd man/rexpMLE.Rd man/psth.Rd man/summary.transformedTrain.Rd man/slockedTrain.Rd man/trainWAV.Rd man/reportHTML.repeatedTrain.Rd man/spsth.Rd man/drexp.Rd man/print.repeatedTrain.Rd man/plot.spikeTrain.Rd man/coef.durationFit.Rd man/df4counts.Rd man/acf.spikeTrain.Rd man/print.spikeTrain.Rd man/mkREdf.Rd man/diff.spikeTrain.Rd man/dllogis.Rd man/plot.transformedTrain.Rd man/reportHTML.spikeTrain.Rd man/dinvgauss.Rd man/jpsth.Rd man/gamObj.Rd man/reportHTML.gam.Rd man/transformedTrain.Rd man/hgamma.Rd man/invgaussMLE.Rd man/ShallowShocks.Rd
demo/HMM.R demo/cockroachDataSet1.R demo/cockroachDataSet2.R demo/pkDataSet1.R

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