STAR: Spike Train Analysis with R

Functions to analyze neuronal spike trains

AuthorChristophe Pouzat
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerChristophe Pouzat <>
LicenseGPL version 2 or newer

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Man pages

acf.spikeTrain: Auto- Covariance and -Correlation Function Estimation for...

as.repeatedTrain: Coerce and Test repeatedTrain Objects

as.spikeTrain: Coerce, Test and Extract from spikeTrain Objects

brt4df: Get Backward Recurrence Times from Data Frames Generated by...

cockroachALData: Spike Trains of several Cockroach Antennal Lobe Neurons...

coef.durationFit: Utility Functions for durationFit Objects

compModels: Compare Duration Models on a Specific Data Set

df4counts: Generates a Data Frame from a repeatedTrain Object After Time...

diff.spikeTrain: diff method for spikeTrain objects

dinvgauss: The Inverse Gaussian Distribution

dllogis: The Log Logistic Distribution

drexp: The Refractory Exponential Distribution

frt: Computes Forward Recurrence Times from Two transformedTrain...

gammaMLE: Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation of a Gamma Model with...

gamObj: Generic Function and Methods for Extracting a gamObject

hgamma: Hazard Functions for Some Common Duration Distributions

hist.lockedTrain: Auto- and Cross-Intensity Function Estimate for Spike Trains

invgaussMLE: Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation of an Inverse...

isiHistFit: ISI Histogram With Fitted Model and CI

jpsth: Related Functions and Methods for Joint-PSTHs and Joint...

llogisMLE: Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation of a Log Logistic...

lnormMLE: Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation of a Log Normal Model...

lockedTrain: Construct and Plot Time-Dependent Cross-correlation Diagram

mkDummy: Generates a Data Frame of Dummy Variables for Use in gam

mkGLMdf: Formats (lists of) spikeTrain and repeatedTrain Objects into...

mkREdf: Evaluates RateEvolutions for spikeTrain Lists and Returns...

plot.frt: Plots and Summarizes frt Objects.

plot.spikeTrain: Display Counting Process Associated with Single Spike Train

plot.transformedTrain: Plot Diagnostics for an transformedTrain Object

print.repeatedTrain: Print and Summary Methods for repeatedTrain Objects

print.spikeTrain: Print and Summary Methods for spikeTrain Objects

psth: Compute and Plot Peri-Stimulus Time Histogram

purkinjeCellData: Spike Trains of a Purkinje Cells (PC) Recorded in Control...

qqDuration: Quantile-Quantile Plot For Fitted Duration Distributions

raster: Generate a Raster Plot

rateEvolution: Evaluates and Plots a Spike Train Firing Rate's Evolution

renewalTestPlot: Non-Parametric Tests for Renewal Processes

reportHTML: Generic Function for Automatic HTML Report Generation

reportHTML.gam: Generates a Report in HTML Format from a STAR gam Object

reportHTML.repeatedTrain: Performs Basic Spike Train Analysis and Generates a Report in...

reportHTML.spikeTrain: Performs Basic Spike Train Analysis and Generates a Report in...

rexpMLE: Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation of a Refractory...

ShallowShocks: Shallow Shocks (M >= 6.0) in OFF Tohoku Area for 1885-1980

slockedTrain: Function to Smooth a lockedTrain Object and Related Methods

spsth: Smooth Peri Stimulus Time Histogram Related Functions and...

STAR-package: Spike Train Analysis with R

summary.transformedTrain: Summary of transformedTrain Objects

trainWAV: Generate wav Files from Spike Train(s)

transformedTrain: Performs Time Transformation of Spike Trains Fitted with glm...

varianceTime: Variance-Time Analysis for Spike Trains

weibullMLE: Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation of a Weibull Model...

Files in this package

STAR/R/repeatedTrain.R STAR/R/reportHTML.repeatedTrain.R STAR/R/spikeTrain.R STAR/R/summary.transformedTrain.R STAR/R/reportHTML.gam.R STAR/R/slockedTrain.R STAR/R/spikeTrainStats.R STAR/R/reportHTML.spikeTrain.R STAR/R/frt.R STAR/R/spsth.R STAR/R/transformedTrain.R STAR/R/reportHTML.R STAR/R/plot.transformedTrain.R STAR/R/brt4df.R STAR/R/trainWAV.R STAR/R/rateEvolution.R STAR/R/durationDist.R STAR/R/lockedTrain.R STAR/R/jpsth.R STAR/R/mkGLMdf.R STAR/R/gamObj.R STAR/R/mkDummy.R
STAR/man/isiHistFit.Rd STAR/man/qqDuration.Rd STAR/man/rateEvolution.Rd STAR/man/as.spikeTrain.Rd STAR/man/raster.Rd STAR/man/reportHTML.Rd STAR/man/lockedTrain.Rd STAR/man/gammaMLE.Rd STAR/man/hist.lockedTrain.Rd STAR/man/brt4df.Rd STAR/man/cockroachALData.Rd STAR/man/frt.Rd STAR/man/mkGLMdf.Rd STAR/man/renewalTestPlot.Rd STAR/man/plot.frt.Rd STAR/man/llogisMLE.Rd STAR/man/varianceTime.Rd STAR/man/purkinjeCellData.Rd STAR/man/lnormMLE.Rd STAR/man/STAR-package.Rd STAR/man/mkDummy.Rd STAR/man/compModels.Rd STAR/man/as.repeatedTrain.Rd STAR/man/weibullMLE.Rd STAR/man/rexpMLE.Rd STAR/man/psth.Rd STAR/man/summary.transformedTrain.Rd STAR/man/slockedTrain.Rd STAR/man/trainWAV.Rd STAR/man/reportHTML.repeatedTrain.Rd STAR/man/spsth.Rd STAR/man/drexp.Rd STAR/man/print.repeatedTrain.Rd STAR/man/plot.spikeTrain.Rd STAR/man/coef.durationFit.Rd STAR/man/df4counts.Rd STAR/man/acf.spikeTrain.Rd STAR/man/print.spikeTrain.Rd STAR/man/mkREdf.Rd STAR/man/diff.spikeTrain.Rd STAR/man/dllogis.Rd STAR/man/plot.transformedTrain.Rd STAR/man/reportHTML.spikeTrain.Rd STAR/man/dinvgauss.Rd STAR/man/jpsth.Rd STAR/man/gamObj.Rd STAR/man/reportHTML.gam.Rd STAR/man/transformedTrain.Rd STAR/man/hgamma.Rd STAR/man/invgaussMLE.Rd STAR/man/ShallowShocks.Rd

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