Man pages for diveMove
Dive analysis and calibration

austFilterFilter satellite locations
bout-methodsMethods for Plotting and Extracting the Bout Ending Criterion
bout-miscFit a Broken Stick Model on Log Frequency Data for...
bouts2MLEMaximum Likelihood Model of mixture of 2 Poisson Processes
bouts2NLSFit mixture of 2 Poisson Processes to Log Frequency data
bouts3NLSFit mixture of 3 Poisson Processes to Log Frequency data
calibrateDepthCalibrate Depth and Generate a "TDRcalibrate" object
calibrateSpeedCalibrate and build a "TDRcalibrate" object
detDive-internalDetect dives from depth readings
detPhase-internalDetect phases of activity from depth readings
distSpeedCalculate distance and speed between locations
diveModel-classClass "diveModel" for representing a model for identifying...
diveMove-internalInternal diveMove Functions
diveMove-packageDive Analysis and Calibration
divesSample of TDR data from a fur seal
diveStatsPer-dive statistics
extractDive-methodsExtract Dives from "TDR" or "TDRcalibrate" Objects
labDive-internalInternal Functions used for Detection of Dives
plotDiveModel-methodsMethods for plotting models of dive phases
plotTDR-methodsMethods for plotting objects of class "TDR" and...
plotZOC-methodsMethods for visually assessing results of ZOC procedure
readLocsRead comma-delimited file with location data
readTDRRead comma-delimited file with "TDR" data
rqPlotPlot of quantile regression for speed calibrations
sealLocsRinged and Gray Seal ARGOS Satellite Location Data
TDR-accessorsCoerce, Extractor, and Replacement methods for class "TDR"...
TDRcalibrate-accessorsMethods to Show and Extract Basic Information from...
TDRcalibrate-classClass "TDRcalibrate" for dive analysis
TDR-classClasses "TDR" and "TDRspeed" for representing TDR information
timeBudget-methodsDescribe the Time Budget of Major Activities from...
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