Man pages for e1071
Misc Functions of the Department of Statistics, Probability Theory Group (Formerly: E1071), TU Wien

bclustBagged Clustering
bincombinationsBinary Combinations
bootstrap.lcaBootstrap Samples of LCA Results
boxplot.bclustBoxplot of Cluster Profiles
classAgreementCoefficients Comparing Classification Agreement
cmeansFuzzy C-Means Clustering
countpatternCount Binary Patterns
cshellFuzzy C-Shell Clustering
DiscreteDiscrete Distribution
e1071-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in Package e1071
elementExtract Elements of an Array
fclustIndexFuzzy Cluster Indexes (Validity/Performance Measures)
gknnGeneralized k-Nearest Neighbors Classification or Regression
hamming.distanceHamming Distances of Vectors
hamming.windowComputes the Coefficients of a Hamming Window.
hanning.windowComputes the Coefficients of a Hanning Window.
hsv_paletteSequential color palette based on HSV colors
icaIndependent Component Analysis
imputeReplace Missing Values
interpolateInterpolate Values of Array
lcaLatent Class Analysis (LCA)
matchClassesFind Similar Classes in Two-way Contingency Tables
matchControlsFind Matched Control Group
momentStatistical Moment
naiveBayesNaive Bayes Classifier
permutationsAll Permutations of Integers 1:n
plot.stftPlot Short Time Fourier Transforms
plot.svmPlot SVM Objects
plot.tunePlot Tuning Object
predict.svmPredict Method for Support Vector Machines
probplotProbability Plot
rbridgeSimulation of Brownian Bridge
read.matrix.csrRead/Write Sparse Data
rectangle.windowComputes the Coefficients of a Rectangle Window.
rwienerSimulation of Wiener Process
scale_data_frameScaling and Centering of Data Frames
shortestPathsFind Shortest Paths Between All Nodes in a Directed Graph
sigmoidThe Logistic Function and Derivatives
stftComputes the Short Time Fourier Transform of a Vector
svmSupport Vector Machines
tuneParameter Tuning of Functions Using Grid Search
tune.controlControl Parameters for the Tune Function
tune.wrapperConvenience Tuning Wrapper Functions
write.svmWrite SVM Object to File
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