fftrees: Fast- and Frugal Tree Analysis

Package for Fast- and Frugal Tree building, analysis

AuthorMarc Giesmann
Date of publication2014-11-17 15:45:16
MaintainerMarc Giesmann <marcarneg@gmail.com>
LicenseCC BY 4.0

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Man pages

as.data.frame-cue-method: Converts 'cue' to a 'data.frame'

as.data.frame-fftree-method: Converts 'fftree' to a 'data.frame'

bruteforcemaximize: Maximizes a 'Sdt' value by bruteforcing the tree permutation

chase: Chases a 'Sdt' value




cue-class: Class cue

cue.getAllVariants: Creates list of all possible variants of cue- configurations.

cv: Crossvalidates 'fftree' with another data- sample

FFTEST-package: What the package does (short line)

Fftm: Wrapper function fftm

fftm.Titanic.data: Prepares Titanic data for fftm

fftree-class: Class fftree

getCueEfficiency: Converts 'fftree' to a 'data.frame' with it's efficiency...

getSingleCueEfficiency: Returns a vector with the cue efficiency values of a specific...

getTreeDevelopment: Converts 'fftree' to a 'data.frame'

isCueLazy: Checks if a specific 'cue' in 'fftree' is lazy

isCuePrunable: Checks if a specific 'cue' in 'fftree' is prunable

isCueTrivial: Checks if a specific 'cue' in 'fftree' is trivial

maximize: Maximizes a 'Sdt' value

montecarlo: Maximizes a 'Sdt' value by 'monte carlo' method

permu.new: permu.new

permu.old: permu.old

plot: Plots 'fftree'

predict: Predicts value with parameter of cue

predict-fftree-method: Predicts data with 'fftree'

prune: Prunes a 'cue' from given 'fftree'

Sdt: Wrapper function sdt

Sdt.fftree: Converts 'fftree' to a 'SDT' vector

show: Shows 'cue'

splitvalanalysis: Returns a SDT table for all splitvalues of a specific...

toString-cue-method: #Converts 'cue' in named vector. # #

update: Updates/Refreshes 'fftree'

update-cue-method: Refreshes/updated cue- prediction- cache.

updateFftree2: Updates tree cache


as.data.frame Man page
as.data.frame,cue-method Man page
as.data.frame,fftree-method Man page
bruteforcemaximize Man page
chase Man page
CONST_VAL Man page
crossvalidate Man page
cue Man page
Cue Man page
cue-class Man page
cue.getAllVariants Man page
cv Man page
FFTEST Man page
FFTEST-package Man page
Fftm Man page
fftm.bruteforce.maximize Man page
fftm.chase Man page
Fftm.default Man page
fftm.maximize Man page
fftm.montecarlo Man page
fftm.Titanic.data Man page
fftm.UCBAdmissions.data Man page
fftree Man page
Fftree Man page
fftree-class Man page
getCueEfficiency Man page
getSingleCueEfficiency Man page
getTreeDevelopment Man page
isCueLazy Man page
isCuePrunable Man page
isCueTrivial Man page
maximize Man page
montecarlo Man page
permu.new Man page
permu.old Man page
plot Man page
plot.fftree Man page
predict Man page
predict,fftree-method Man page
prune Man page
prune.fftree Man page
Sdt Man page
Sdt.default Man page
Sdt.fftree Man page
Sdt.logical Man page
show Man page
splitvalanalysis Man page
toString Man page
toString,cue-method Man page
update Man page
update,cue-method Man page
updateFftree Man page
updateFftree2 Man page

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