fftrees: Fast- and Frugal Tree Analysis

Package for Fast- and Frugal Tree building, analysis

AuthorMarc Giesmann
Date of publication2014-11-17 15:45:16
MaintainerMarc Giesmann <marcarneg@gmail.com>
LicenseCC BY 4.0

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Man pages

as.data.frame-cue-method: Converts 'cue' to a 'data.frame'

as.data.frame-fftree-method: Converts 'fftree' to a 'data.frame'

bruteforcemaximize: Maximizes a 'Sdt' value by bruteforcing the tree permutation

chase: Chases a 'Sdt' value




cue-class: Class cue

cue.getAllVariants: Creates list of all possible variants of cue- configurations.

cv: Crossvalidates 'fftree' with another data- sample

FFTEST-package: What the package does (short line)

Fftm: Wrapper function fftm

fftm.Titanic.data: Prepares Titanic data for fftm

fftree-class: Class fftree

getCueEfficiency: Converts 'fftree' to a 'data.frame' with it's efficiency...

getSingleCueEfficiency: Returns a vector with the cue efficiency values of a specific...

getTreeDevelopment: Converts 'fftree' to a 'data.frame'

isCueLazy: Checks if a specific 'cue' in 'fftree' is lazy

isCuePrunable: Checks if a specific 'cue' in 'fftree' is prunable

isCueTrivial: Checks if a specific 'cue' in 'fftree' is trivial

maximize: Maximizes a 'Sdt' value

montecarlo: Maximizes a 'Sdt' value by 'monte carlo' method

permu.new: permu.new

permu.old: permu.old

plot: Plots 'fftree'

predict: Predicts value with parameter of cue

predict-fftree-method: Predicts data with 'fftree'

prune: Prunes a 'cue' from given 'fftree'

Sdt: Wrapper function sdt

Sdt.fftree: Converts 'fftree' to a 'SDT' vector

show: Shows 'cue'

splitvalanalysis: Returns a SDT table for all splitvalues of a specific...

toString-cue-method: #Converts 'cue' in named vector. # #

update: Updates/Refreshes 'fftree'

update-cue-method: Refreshes/updated cue- prediction- cache.

updateFftree2: Updates tree cache

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