Man pages for fftrees
Fast- and Frugal Tree Analysis 'cue' to a 'data.frame' 'fftree' to a 'data.frame'
bruteforcemaximizeMaximizes a 'Sdt' value by bruteforcing the tree permutation
chaseChases a 'Sdt' value
cue-classClass cue
cue.getAllVariantsCreates list of all possible variants of cue- configurations.
cvCrossvalidates 'fftree' with another data- sample
FFTEST-packageWhat the package does (short line)
FftmWrapper function fftm
fftm.Titanic.dataPrepares Titanic data for fftm
fftree-classClass fftree
getCueEfficiencyConverts 'fftree' to a 'data.frame' with it's efficiency...
getSingleCueEfficiencyReturns a vector with the cue efficiency values of a specific...
getTreeDevelopmentConverts 'fftree' to a 'data.frame'
isCueLazyChecks if a specific 'cue' in 'fftree' is lazy
isCuePrunableChecks if a specific 'cue' in 'fftree' is prunable
isCueTrivialChecks if a specific 'cue' in 'fftree' is trivial
maximizeMaximizes a 'Sdt' value
montecarloMaximizes a 'Sdt' value by 'monte carlo' method
plotPlots 'fftree'
predictPredicts value with parameter of cue
predict-fftree-methodPredicts data with 'fftree'
prunePrunes a 'cue' from given 'fftree'
SdtWrapper function sdt
Sdt.fftreeConverts 'fftree' to a 'SDT' vector
showShows 'cue'
splitvalanalysisReturns a SDT table for all splitvalues of a specific...
toString-cue-method#Converts 'cue' in named vector. # #
updateUpdates/Refreshes 'fftree'
update-cue-methodRefreshes/updated cue- prediction- cache.
updateFftree2Updates tree cache
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