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Class cue is a node in a tree with parameters to binarize the data

A cue is an S4 object, that represents a node in a tree. Fast- and Frugal trees use binary predicitons, but data normally is numeric. By defining the cue- parameters the cue automatically binarizes given data by a set of parameters.


Cue(inputvector, test = "<=", split = 0, pred = TRUE, name = "")



Data, which should be predicted. If you just want to build a tree without measuring it's performance, set to c(0)


Charactervector, which describes the binarization- operator. Possible values '==', '<=', '<', '>', '>='


Numeric value; at which the prediction switches


Logical value; what the cue will predict, if the test at the particular split succeeds


Charactervector; how the cue is named (just for description, without function)


cue S4 object

See Also

Fftree, cue.getAllVariants

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