w <- gwindow("gWidgetsWWW")
g <- ggroup(cont = w, horizontal=FALSE)
ghtml("<h1>gWidgetsWWW</h1>", cont = g)
f <- gexpandgroup("About", cont = g)
con <- textConnection("The gWidgets package provides an API to abstract the interface to a
few of the available GUI toolkits avaiilable through R. The
gWidgetsWWW package provides an implementation of the gWidgets
API for use through a web browser. That is, using just R commands interactive
GUIs can be produced quite easily.
The current status of the project is still experimental. The package
does not have much testing as of yet. As of version 0-0.16 Firefox, Safari, IE and Opera
basically work, although some widgets -- gcanvas, gsvg -- are browser dependent.
To create an interactive web GUI three things are done:
<li>* A web page is layed out. This is done with gWidgets components</li>
<li>* A means to call back to the web server is needed. This is done using gWidgets handlers<li>
<li>* A means for the R process in the web server to manipulate the components of the web page.
This is done using JavaScript commands that are created by the gWidgets methods.</li>
The package uses the dynamic help server for development and stand alone use.
To serve web pages to a wider community, the
RApache package
<A href=>url</A>, which embeds
an R process within the Apache web server, is used so that callbacks
from the browser to the web server can be processed through R.
The javascript code is simplified by using the ext
javascript libraries 
<a href=></a>. These are included with
the package.
<p><br>To make an interactive GUI in gWidgets can be
as easy as creating the following script:
w <- gwindow('simple interactive GUI with one button', visible=FALSE)<br />
g <- ggroup(cont=w)<br />
b <- gbutton('click me', cont=g, handler=function(h,...) {<br />
  &nbsp;gmessage('hello world', parent=b)<br />
})<br />
visible(w) <- TRUE<br />
msg <- readLines(con, warn=FALSE)
ghtml(paste(msg, collapse=" "), cont=f)

f <- gexpandgroup("Examples", cont = g, horizontal=FALSE)
dir <- system.file("Examples",package="gWidgetsWWW")
files <- list.files(path=dir, pattern="R$")

ghtml("Several examples accompany the package:", cont = f)
makeLinks <- function(i,f) {
  g1 <- ggroup(cont = f)
  b <- gbutton("Source", cont = g1, handler = function(h,...) {
    i <- h$action
    galert(i, parent=w)
    w1 <- gwindow("Source", parent = w)
    g1 <- ggroup(cont = w1, horizontal=FALSE)
    Rfile <- paste(dir,i, sep=.Platform$file.sep)
                paste(readLines(Rfile), collapse="<br />"),
                "</pre>", sep=""), cont = g1)
    gseparator(cont = g1)
    gbutton("dismiss", cont = g1, handler = function(h,...) {
    visible(w1) <- TRUE
  }, action=i)
  if(gWidgetsWWWIsLocal()) {
    b <- gbutton(sprintf("Run %s",i), cont=g1, handler=function(h,...) {
      localServerOpen(sprintf("Examples/%s", i), package="gWidgetsWWW")
  } else {
    url <- sprintf("%s/%s", w$..gWidgetsWWWrunUrl, i)
    ghtml(sprintf("&nbsp;<a href=%s target='_blank'>%s</a>",url, i), cont = g1)
for(i in files) makeLinks(i,f)

f <- gexpandgroup("More information", cont = g)
ghtml(paste("The gWidgetsWWW package is installed from CRAN. After installation,",
            "read the package vignette for information on installation",
            "of external packages, javascript libraries",
            "etc.", sep=" "),
      cont = f)

f <- gexpandgroup("Security", cont = g)
ghtml("Security is a big issue with server installs. The use of RApache reduces the risk dramatically. Read the package vignette for more detail.", cont = f)

f <- gexpandgroup("Recent NEWS", cont = g)
newsfile <- system.file("NEWS", package="gWidgetsWWW")
eol <- "\\n"                            # had local/server issue
ghtml(paste("<pre>", paste(readLines(newsfile, n=50)[-(1:2)], collapse=eol), eol, "... %< snip >% ...", "</pre>"), cont=f)

gstatusbar("Powered by RApache and gWidgetsWWW", cont = w)
visible(w) <- TRUE

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