Man pages for genoPlotR
Plot Publication-Grade Gene and Genome Maps

annotationAnnotation class and class functions
apply_color_schemeApply a color scheme
artemisColorsArtemis Colors
auto_annotateAuto-annotate dna_segs
bartoComparison of 4 Bartonella genomes
c.dna_segConcatenate dna_seg objects
chrY_subsegComparisons of subsegments of the Y chromosome in human and...
comparisonComparison class and class functions
dna_segDNA segment (dna_seg) class and class functions
gene_typesGene types
genoPlotR-packagePlot Publication-Grade Gene and Genome Maps
human_ntHuman-readable nucleotide scale
mauve_bboneMauve backbone of 4 Bartonella genomes
middleMiddles of a dna_seg
plot_gene_mapPlot gene and genome maps
rangeRange calculation
read_functionsReading functions
reverseReverse objects
seg_plotseg_plot class and class functions
three_genesThree genes data set
trimTrimming data frames or more complex objects with >= 2...
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