Man pages for nlcv
Nested Loop Cross Validation

classifyWrapper to run all classifiers for one run
confusionMatrixcompute a confusion matrix for the optimal number of features...
inTrainingSampleFunction to define a learning sample based on balanced...
limmaTwoGroupsWrapper around limma for the comparison of two groups
mcrPlotMisclassification Rate Plot
nlcvNested Loop Cross-Validation
nlcvDataSimulated Datasets to Demonstrate nlcv Functionality
nldaInew MLInterfaces schema for lda from MASS
pamrIInstance of a learnerSchema for pamr models
pamrMLWrapper function around the pamr.* functions
pamrTrainFunction providing a formula interface to pamr.train
rankDistributionPlotPlot the Distribution of Ranks of Features Across nlcv Runs
rocPlotProduce a ROC plot for a classification model belonging to a...
scoresPlotFunction to Plot a Scores Plot
topTable-methodsMethods for topTable
xtable.confusionMatrixxtable method for confusionMatrix objects
xtable.summary.mcrPlotxtable method for summary.mcrPlot objects
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