ruleR: Generating numeric sequence items for intelligence tests

This package helps to generate items for intelligence tests. Items are number sequences and are generated according to the implemented basic rules. Those rules can be easily combined either by a user or automatically. The package generates also 'noise answers' (distractors) helpful in creating items with specified response options.

AuthorMaria Rafalak(Polish Psychological Tests Laboratory), Philipp Doebler (WWU Muenster), Heinz Holling (WWU Muenster)
Date of publication2014-10-27 14:03:12
MaintainerPhilipp Doebler <>

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AddConstSingleRule-class Man page
AddDoubleRule-class Man page
b Man page
basicDictionary Man page
calculate Man page
calculate,DoubleRule,numeric,numeric-method Man page
calculate-methods Man page
calculate,SingleRule,numeric,ANY-method Man page
calculateSpecific Man page
calculateSpecific,AddConstSingleRule,numeric,ANY-method Man page
calculateSpecific,AddDoubleRule,numeric,numeric-method Man page
calculateSpecific,DigSumSingleRule,numeric,ANY-method Man page
calculateSpecific,DivDoubleRule,numeric,numeric-method Man page
calculateSpecific,ExpDoubleRule,numeric,numeric-method Man page
calculateSpecific,IdenSingleRule,numeric,ANY-method Man page
calculateSpecific-methods Man page
calculateSpecific,ModuloDoubleRule,numeric,numeric-method Man page
calculateSpecific,MultConstSingleRule,numeric,ANY-method Man page
calculateSpecific,MultDoubleRule,numeric,numeric-method Man page
calculateSpecific,NegativeSingleRule,numeric,ANY-method Man page
calculateSpecific,SingleRule,numeric,ANY-method Man page
calculateSpecific,SubsConstSingleRule,numeric,ANY-method Man page
calculateSpecific,SubsDoubleRule,numeric,numeric-method Man page
check Man page
conCheck Man page
createDictRule Man page
createDR Man page
createSR Man page
createTest Man page
DictionaryRule-class Man page
digits Man page
DigSumSingleRule-class Man page
DoubleRule-class Man page
doubleRules Man page
duplicate Man page
generate_cv Man page
generateRule Man page
IdenSingleRule-class Man page
MultConstSingleRule-class Man page
MultDoubleRule-class Man page
nest Man page
print.DoubleRule Man page
print.Rule Man page
Rule-class Man page
ruleR Man page
ruleR-package Man page
sequenceR Man page
SingleRule-class Man page
singleRules Man page
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writing_double Man page
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