Defines functions list.as.matrix

Documented in list.as.matrix

# $HeadURL: file:///srv/svn/sintro/pkg/sprof/R/list.as.matrix.R $
# convert list to matrix
# list entries go to matrix columns, filled for equal length 

list.as.matrix <- function(x, byrow=FALSE, filler=NA){
	maxlen <- max(sapply(x,length))
    xm <- sapply(x, 
	function(xs){fillen <- maxlen-length(xs)
		if (fillen>0) {c(xs,rep(filler,fillen))} else xs
	if (byrow)return(t(xm)) else return(xm)

# x <- list(x1=c(1,2,3),x2=3, x3=4:8)
# list.as.matrix(x)
# list.as.matrix(x,filler=0)

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