Defines functions am minkowski polyk quad1 lin0 ibs cholRoot AM Polyk Quad1 Lin0 IBS Minkowski normalizeTrace

Documented in am AM cholRoot ibs IBS lin0 Lin0 minkowski Minkowski normalizeTrace polyk Polyk quad1 Quad1

normalizeTrace=function(x){x=as.matrix(x); x/mean(diag(x), na.rm=TRUE)}

Minkowski=function(x, p=1) 1-as.matrix(dist(x, method='minkowski', p=p)) * .5 / max(1, ncol(x))^(1/p) 

IBS=function(x)  1 - as.matrix(dist(x, method='manhattan') * .5 /max(1, ncol(x)) )  ## dist does scaling in the presence of missing values

Lin0=function(x) normalizeTrace(tcrossprod(x)/max(1,ncol(x)))
Quad1=function(x) normalizeTrace((base::tcrossprod(x)+1)^2/max(1,ncol(x)))
# Intxn2=function(K1, K2) normalizeTrace(K1*K2)
Polyk=function(x,c=0,d=1) normalizeTrace((base::tcrossprod(x)+c)^d)

AM=function(x) SPA3G::KERNEL(x, rep(1,max(1,ncol(x)))) ## this is not IBS kernel! The difference is 1 vs 1 comparison: IBS treat this as 2 (out of 2) but AM treat this as 2 (out of 4).

	R=suppressWarnings(chol(x, pivot=TRUE))
	oo <- order(attr(R, 'pivot'))
	rk = attr(R, 'rank')
	t(R[seq_len(rk), oo, drop=FALSE])

ibs=function(x)	cholRoot(IBS(x))
lin0=function(x)	cholRoot(Lin0(x))
quad1=function(x) cholRoot(Quad1(x))
polyk=function(x,c=0,d=1) cholRoot(Polyk(x,c,d))
minkowski=function(x,p=1) cholRoot(Minkowski(x,p))

# fbr2=function(fixed,rdm) {
	# fixedX=model.matrix(~fixed)[,-1L, drop=FALSE]
	# ans = lapply(seq_len(ncol(fixedX)), function(i)fixedX[,i]*rdm)
	# ans=do.call('cbind', ans)
	# names = outer(colnames(fixedX), colnames(rdm), paste0, sep=':')
	# grp = paste0('.__fbr2[',seq_len(ncol(fixedX)), ']')[col(names)]
	# grpNames = paste0(grp, names, sep='_')
	# colnames(ans)=grpNames
	# ans
# }
am = function(x) cholRoot(AM(x))

#FIXME: add more kernels, e.g., Gaussian

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