Man pages for CALIB
Calibration model for estimating absolute expression levels from microarray data

adjustP2Adjust model parameter P2
calibReadMeView CALIB readme file
cbindCombine RGList\_CALIB, SpikeList or ParameterList objects
dimRetrieve the Dimensions of an RGList\_CALIB or SpikeList...
dimnamesRetrieve the Dimension Names of an RGList\_CALIB or SpikeList...
estimateParameterEstimate model parameter from spikes
getColClassesConstruct colClasses vector for use within read.rg function
mergeMerge RGList\_CALIB or SpikeList objects
normalizeDataNormalization: estimation of absolute expression levels
normdataExample of normalized data
parameterCalibration Model parameter: ParameterList Example
ParameterList-classClass "ParameterList" - List to store all the parameters
plotNormalizedDataplot estimated absolute levels of two conditions
plotSpikeCIplot spike concentration vs measured intensity
plotSpikeHIplot hybridized target vs intensity
plotSpikeRGplot spike intensity R vs G
plotSpikeSpotErrorplot spot error of spikes.
read.rgRead RGList\_CALIB from Image Analysis Output Files
read.spikeRead SpikeList from a RGList\_CALIB and Concentration files
RGExperiment Data: RGList\_CALIB Example
RGList_CALIB-classRed, Green Intensity List - Class
spikeExperiment Data: SpikeList Example
SpikeList-classClass "SpikeList" - Spike Intensity and Concentration List
subsettingSubset of RGList\_CALIB, SpikeList or ParameterList object
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