WiltingRaw: Raw log2 ratios from cervical cancer arrayCGH data.

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Raw log2 ratios from cervical cancer arrayCGH data, containing 3552 features for 5 samples. These data have been preprocessed using preprocess.




An object of class cghRaw.


Wilting, S.M., Snijders, P.J., Meijer, G.A., Ylstra, B., van den IJssel, P.R., Snijders, A.M., Albertson, D.G., Coffa, J., Schouten, J.P., van de Wiel, M.A., Meijer, C.J., & Steenbergen, R.D. (2006). Increased gene copy numbers at chromosome 20q are frequent in both squamous cell carcinomas and adenocarcinomas of the cervix. Journal of Pathology, 210, 258-259.

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