Man pages for ClassifyR
A framework for cross-validated classification problems, with applications to differential variability and differential distribution testing

asthmaDatasetAsthma RNA Abundance and Patient Classes
bartlettSelectionSelection of Differential Variability with Bartlett Statistic
calcPerformanceAdd Performance Calculations to a ClassifyResult Object or...
characterOrDataFrame-classUnion of a Character and a DataFrame
classifyInterfaceAn Interface for PoiClaClu Package's Classify Function
ClassifyResult-classContainer for Storing Classification Results
distributionGet Frequencies of Feature Selection and Sample Errors
dlda-classTrained dlda Object
DLDAinterfaceAn Interface for sparsediscrim Package's dlda Function
DMDselectionSelection of Differential Distributions with Differences in...
edgeRselectionFeature Selection Based on Differential Expression for Count...
elasticNetGLMinterfaceAn Interface for glmnet Package's glmnet Function
fisherDiscriminantClassification Using Fisher's LDA
forestFeaturesExtract Vectors of Ranked and Selected Features From a Random...
functionOrList-classUnion of Functions and List of Functions
functionOrNULL-classUnion of A Function and NULL
getLocationsAndScalesCalculate Location and Scale
KolmogorovSmirnovSelectionSelection of Differential Distributions with...
KullbackLeiblerSelectionSelection of Differential Distributions with Kullback-Leibler...
leveneSelectionSelection of Differential Variability with Levene Statistic
likelihoodRatioSelectionSelection of Differential Distributions with Likelihood Ratio...
limmaSelectionSelection of Differentially Abundant Features
logisticRegressionInterfaceAn Interface for mnlogit Package's mnlogit Function
mixmodelsClassification based on Differential Distribution utilising...
mnlogit-classTrained mnlogit Object
multnet-classTrained multnet Object
naiveBayesKernelClassification Using A Bayes Classifier with Kernel Density...
NSCpredictInterfaceInterface for 'pamr.predict' Function from 'pamr' CRAN...
NSCselectionInterfaceInterface for 'pamr.listgenes' Function from 'pamr' CRAN...
NSCtrainInterfaceInterface for 'pamr.train' Function from 'pamr' CRAN Package
pamrtrained-classTrained pamr Object
performancePlotPlot Performance Measures for Various Classifications
plotFeatureClassesPlot Density, Scatterplot or Bar Chart for Features By Class
PredictParams-classParameters for Classifier Prediction
previousSelectionAutomated Selection of Previously Selected Features
randomForest-classTrained randomForest Object
randomForestInterfaceAn Interface for randomForest Package's randomForest Function
rankingPlotPlot Pair-wise Overlap of Ranked Features
ResubstituteParams-classParameters for Resubstitution Error Calculation
ROCplotPlot Receiver Operating Curve Graphs for Classification...
runTestPerform a Single Classification
runTestsReproducibly Run Various Kinds of Cross-Validation
samplesMetricMapPlot a Grid of Sample Error Rates or Accuracies
selectionPlotPlot Pair-wise Overlap or Selection Size Distribution of...
SelectParams-classParameters for Feature Selection
SelectResult-classContainer for Storing Feature Selection Results
subtractFromLocationSubtract Numeric Feature Measurements from a Location
svm-classTrained svm Object
SVMinterfaceAn Interface for e1071 Package's Support Vector Machine...
TrainParams-classParameters for Classifier Training
TransformParams-classParameters for Data Transformation
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