TransformParams-class: Parameters for Data Transformation

Description Constructor Author(s) Examples


Collects and checks necessary parameters required for transformation. The empty constructor is for when no data transformation is desired. One data transformation function is distributed. See subtractFromLocation.


TransformParams(transform, intermediate = character(0), ...) Creates a TransformParams object which stores the function which will do the transformation and parameters that the function will use.


A function which will do the transformation. The first argument must be an ExpressionSet object.


Character vector. Names of any variables created in prior stages by runTest that need to be passed to a feature selection function.


Other named parameters which will be used by the transformation function.


Dario Strbenac


transforParams <- TransformParams(subtractFromLocation, location = "median")
# Subtract all values from training set median, to obtain absolute deviations.

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